The Collaborative Network

We are the Collaborative Network

Our mission is to provide creative, high quality, results- oriented Collaborative Divorces to the South African public, entrenching this form of Alternative Dispute Resolution in our law as a viable, reasonably priced and comparatively speedy option for the benefit of all. In pursuit of this mission we hold to the values of excellence, transparency, integrity and tenacity and we will build up a team of supportive collaborative professionals to assist where appropriate, to help craft a tailor-made solution in each individual case.

Philippa Levitt

After several years of practice at Werksmans Attorneys, Philippa founded the first all-female firm of attorneys in South Africa, which she ran successfully for many years. She later qualified as a Divorce Coach with the Ford Institute in San Diego-a soft skill which she brings into her collaborative practice to help facilitate the process. She has also recently qualified as a mediator.You can visit her coaching website on

Marissa Galloway-Bailey

Marissa practised as an attorney for 12 years and began her mediation training in 2008. Marissa is accredited by the South Africa Association of Mediators as a family matters mediator and she is also an accredited civil & commercial mediator. Marissa's passion for conflict resolution led her towards opening of her own solo mediation practice as MGB Mediation in 2012.

Bev Loubser

Bev is an Attorney with a passion for assisting people to resolve their disputes and minimize the conflict in divorce matters. This led her to become a Family & Divorce Mediator in 2008 and to start practicing Collaborative Law in 2013. Bev is also a Conveyancer, Notary and Administrator of Deceased Estates. She is a Level II Court Annexed Mediator and has an International Accreditation in Commercial Mediation. Bev left Fluxmans Inc in 2004 to open her own practice and to create a more acceptable work / home balance. Bev now runs a general practice and she is assisted by two attorneys, an articled clerk and support staff. Bev is the current Chairperson of the South African Association of Mediators Executive Committee for 2017/18.