Parties work in a problem solving mode as against a ‘battle to be fought’ mode.


The parties contract to negotiate a settlement without fighting in Court- this is better for the family especially the children.


In Collaborative divorce the family is the client rather than one spouse opposing the other.


The legal negotiations are done in a four way meeting with husband, wife and both attorneys present. Most questions can be answered on the spot, saving time, money and unnecessary emails.


No formulas or time limits as dictated by the Courts- unique solutions custom designed for the family using a team approach. The Collaborative Divorce process is more mindful of the personal and private nature of a family matters dispute.


Trained mental health professionals and family coaches ready to be consulted if needed and even called into the four way meetings if necessary. Real support in real time for the emotional roller coaster of divorce. No competing experts giving opposite opinions in lengthy and expensive reports.


A financial neutral can be part of the team to help with complex asset divisions, ensuring the best division in the circumstances of each case and ensuring no party gets left behind in understanding the financial nuances.


Difficult issues that threaten to derail the process can be referred to a mediator for resolution by agreement.


The collaborative process requires transparency and is based on good faith. Any failure to disclose relevant information will derail the process.


The process is not suitable for high conflict divorces. Collaborative divorce is recommended for people who want to create a divorce with dignity. In this process there are no additional advocates’ fees.

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